Friday, July 20, 2007

Great Jewish Audio Links

Are you having trouble teaching your (young) kids how to bentch? Need some help learning the tunes? Stuck on some of the words? A great solution to all of these challenges is the Bentching Tape -- A CD for kids that's pretty much just Bentching. Instead of Disney or Barney, pop this CD in the car during carpool or shopping runs, and before long, the entire family will be betching better -- guaranteed. To order the CD online (and it's on a great sale right now), click here to access the Sameach Music Web Site.

I also found a great site that has a tune for Al Hamichya - the blessing recited after eating cake, pasta and the like -any mezonos food. You can download the song and burn it to a CD for free. This tune is widely used in many schools in Israel, and is quite catchy!

I also found a great site that has basically all the audio for Shabbos -- kiddush, zemiros, blessing the children -- to click on and listen to. It's a great resource for people looking to learn the Classic Shabbos tunes or fine-tune their pronunciation. Click here for the link, and enjoy!