Monday, February 4, 2008

Review Questions for Gemara 7th Grade

1. Why did Rabbi Yehushua say that Yehuda ger Amoni was permitted to marry a Jew?
2. What are the three cases when Rabban Gamliel afflicted Rabbi Yehushua?
3. What was the parable of the laundry man?
4. What was the argument about the number of benches?
5. What qualities were important to become a Nasi?
6. What does the gemara think that "tefillat ha'erev ein la keva" means at first?
7. Why couldn't this be the correct meaning?
8. According to the end of the gemara, what does "ein la keva" teach us?
9. Why didn't Rabbi Eliezer's wife want him to take the job?
10. What did he answer her?