Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Year in Jerusalem? How Will We Get There?

Each year at the end of the Seder we say, לשנה הבא בירושלים - Next Year in Jerusalem!
Well, I'm not sure we'll be ready by next year. And I'm not talking about the Beit Hamikdash. I'm talking about the traffic.
Last night we traveled from Yad Binyamin to Jerusalem for a wedding at Ramat Rachel. The traffic was heavy from the moment we merged onto Route 1, and got even worse after we entered the city. The problem? A soccer game. Which we needed to bypass.
Which made me wonder: if Moshiach came tonight (by the way, did you pay your $3.50 to reserve your sacrifice for this year yet? You can do it here) can we even imagine the traffic nightmare? If traffic was heavy from Latrun because of ten thousand people at a soccer game, imagine the endless gridlock of several million traveling to the Old City to bring the Korban Pesach.
Is there any chance that they'll finish the light rail system anytime soon?
I imagine that they'll have to shut down private car travel throughout the entire city. And build a subway with a stop at Har Habayit.
Or maybe, in addition to all the ancient miracles for which the Beit Hamikdash was known, we'll add another, almost unbelievable miracle to the list:
"No car even stopped due to traffic on the way to the Temple."
That would really be a miracle.