Monday, July 4, 2011

The "Eyes" Have It: A Dvar Torah for Parshat Balak

Ayin Hara and Ayin Hatov in Parshat Balak

Masaru Emoto has made a living taking pictures of water. No, these are not pictures of seascapes or sunsets. Rather, he photographs frozen water under a microscope, after people have directed their thoughts at the water. Dr. Emoto claims that human thought has the power to directly affect the world around us, and has sought to demonstrate this fact with his pictures. Amazingly, when subjected to "good" thoughts, the frozen water crystalizes into beautiful shapes, and when people think "bad" thoughts at the water, the shapes seem drastic and severe.
Dr. Emoto has drawn significant criticism over the years, primarily because others haven't been able to recreate his water crystals in scientific studies, leading many scientists to question the validity of his claims. What does Judaism have to say about the matter? Can our thoughts really affect the world around us? That depends on who you ask.

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