Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Short Takes: Kotel Siddurim, Kosher for Pesach, and Bad Translations

I love looking at old siddurim at the Kotel. Each one is a mystery. Where's Jennie now? Did she lose her siddur, or intentionally leave it at the Kotel? Her Bat Chayil (Bat Mitzvah) was over 15 years ago. Where is she now? And how are Pat, Tony, Jordan and Harriet? I wonder...

Saw the following pot at the grocery store. Had to share. It's not a multi-function pot. It's a multiply-function pot. And they spelled that wrong too.


I find it very reassuring that my seltzer water is Kosher for Pesach. But what does it mean that it's only Kosher for Pesach during the year 5772. After this year, will the seltzer suddenly, miraculously turn into chametz? Is there some kind of fermentation in seltzer that I'm not aware of? It could be that after Rosh Hashanah the soda water will be flat. But does that make it chametz?

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  1. A couple of years ago in "Shefa-Dos" or some such place, I overheard a family arguing about the relative kashrut of two different brands of bottled water. Eventually they decided that the bottled water from chutz la'aretz was better because the Israeli bottled water only had a rabbanut hechsher.

    I kid you not.


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