Friday, January 16, 2009

Doing My Part

Yesterday, as I got out of my car at minchah, I clicked the little clicker-thing to arm the alarm. Nothing happened. That's weird. But I went to minchah, hoping the problem would resolve itself. After minchah, I was late for a chavruta (study partner), but the thing wouldn't disarm. (It automatically arms itself after about a minute). And the only way to work the alarm is with the wireless keypad - no pad in the car itself.
It was weird. I went to the local computer store for a battery, and he told me that I was the third person that day looking for a battery. And then, when he tested my battery, it worked fine. Everntually Rena sent Simcha with the other keypad which worked, but the whole thing didn't make sense - until I read an article in the New York Times that said:
Across the border region, Israel has lowered a kind of electronic curtain to prevent remote-control bombs, disabling even remote car locks well into Israel.
I don't know if that was really why my alarm didn't work. After all, we're pretty far away. But if it is the cause of my car-alarm troubles, it's fine with me.
Just doing my part.