Friday, October 30, 2009

What the Heck? Nike Doesn't Seem to Acknowledge that Anyone Lives in Israel!

A while back I started listening to podcasts during my commute, while I run, do the dishes, you name it. The best way to listen to podcasts, is on an Ipod, which I love. (It's really a fantastic blend of hardware and software.) My cousin, who knows that I run, graciously sent me a Nike+Ipod kit. Basically, it's a little pod that you put in your Nike shoe (which I happen to have), which tells your Ipod how fast you're running and how far you went, and helps you keep track of your runs. It sounds kinda silly, but it really does help. For some reason, I want to hear that lady tell me, "Congratulations. You've reached your goal."
Nike even has this great website, called NikeRunning where you can keep track of your runs, set goals - all kinds of nice things. And then there's a feature called "MapIt." (you may need to log in to access the site.)
Apparently, MapIt is a way to map runs of different distance. You can enter your location, and either enter new routes or find routes that other people have already entered.
Being that I live in Israel, that's what I searched for. And while Nike does have Israel on the map, no one seems to live here. It's totally blank. See for yourself.

I have three words for Nike: What the heck? Why is it that I can map a route in Amman, Jordan or Qalaat Deba, Lebanon, but not in Tiberias or Tel Aviv? Who decides that Arab countries get to have roads and cities, but Israel does not?