Monday, January 11, 2010

Yet Another Reason to Live in Israel

I got a call from a reporter writing an article (for Baltimore's WhatWhereWhen magazine about American rabbis making aliyah (seems to be something of a trend - he listed four coming this year), and he asked me to list some of the benefits of making aliyah. I said,
"You mean aside from living a richly Jewish life, where you feel like simply going about your life makes a significant contribution to klal yisrael? Or aside from the fact that you're living in a Jewish country, where you're not trying to swim upstream against a non-Jewish tide?"
Well, I found another reason. It's minchah. On the highway.
This week's B'sheva (see page 2 here) featured a small news item about a new initiative on the side of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. A resident found himself on the road as the sun set often enough, that he started a minyan in the parking lot at Shoresh.
So, if you're on the highway 20 minutes before sunset or less, and you need a minyan, stop at Shoresh. There's a minchah minyan forming in the parking lot. And if you're stuck on the BQE or the LIE and you miss minchah because you were stuck in traffic, just know that this wouldn't have happened to you on Route 1 in Israel.
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