Friday, June 10, 2011

A Great Site So You'll Never Miss Bentching Again

I eat at my desk a lot. That's just the way things work out when I'm at the office - and sometimes even at home. I'm too lazy to go down to the lunch room to eat, and I often bring food from home. Only problem with eating at my desk, is that I have, at times, found myself forgetting to recite Birkat Hamazon. Moreover, I've got to find a siddur, get the page. (I try to bentch from a text when I'm not driving. I find that driving and reading don't often go well together.) You know - difficult things to do when I've got work to do.
I just found an internet site that makes all that a thing of the past. No need to open an actual book, or even take our your iPhone and tap on the bentching app. Nope, now there's eBirkon.
You click to the site, tell it what nusach you want, and presto - the text of Birkat Hamazon is right there on the screen.
Only one problem: What will my excuse be when I forget to bentch now?