Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Grapes

I am a produce snob. I like my fruits and vegetables, but only when they're a certain freshness. By that I mean: really, really fresh.
I like my green apples crunchy and tart; my nectarines crunchy, and my bananas just a slight tinge of yellow. Any mush, and they go straight to my daughter. Who is one.
And then there are grapes. When the grapes feel ever so mushy, I keep moving. This means that there's a very short summer window during which the grapes are large, sweet, crunchy - everything a grape should be.
We just hit that window here. As my wife put it, it feels like the grapes were still on the vine this morning. That could very well be true. When I opened the fridge and saw the carton of grapes she bought this evening, I immediately thought: where are the grapes for tomorrow?
It'll be a short window, so enjoy it while it lasts.