Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've Got a Problem

I just opened the OU's Jewish Action magazine's latest issue to find a bunch of letters more or less agreeing with my recent piece about obesity in the Orthodoxy community. They mostly agree with me, but add that I didn't mention exercise (I run thrice weekly - thank you Nike+Ipod!) and a number of other points including that a frum lifestyle brings with it other health benefits as well. Great!
But then, on a grocery run to Kiryat Malachi this afternoon, my wife suggested that I stop off at the Ben and Jerry's Factory store. It is literally on the way home - perhaps thirty seconds out of the way. And then, arriving at the store, I discover that through the end of the month, they're having a hot-weather sale between the hours of 11am and 4pm. During this time, they will reduce your total bill by the percentage equal to the temperature outside in Celsius. Petachya and I got two cones (one regular, one kids) for 20 shekel.
And, while digging into my Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, all I could think was, "Man, these guys really, really know how to make ice cream."
Thankfully, the sale ends next week.