Monday, August 22, 2011

Yet Another Half-Hearted Israeli Sales Rep

Grocery stores have entered the credit card market, and have adopted the hard sale method. I'm pretty sure this involves giving the checkout ladies a financial incentive to sign up new customers. I say this because, as my wife was checking out at Shufersol outside Kiryat Malachi, the checkout girl seemed intent on getting her to sign up for a new credit card.
"You'd save so much money on these groceries if you bought them with a Shufersol card." She was telling the truth. Much of the store was twenty-five percent off with their card.
"Next time you go shopping, you'll save even more money."
After a while, my wife finally told her that she wasn't interested in a new card, and the sales pitch subsided. For a  while.
A short time later, the woman started up again.
"You really should get the card." Pointing to a package of diapers she said, "Look, you'd save money on these if you bought them with your card."
Rena had finally had enough, and told the woman,
"Look, I don't want to be in minus (overdraft - very common here). The way I do it is that I have one card, and I pay it off at the end of the month."
The woman's attitude shifted immediately.
"You can say that again. I have two credit cards (one of them from the supermarket, because she works there), and I'm drowning!"
Apparently, her heart wasn't into the credit card after all.