Friday, September 23, 2011

Orthodoxy in the Age of Groupon

I'm not the greatest at taking care of things exactly on time. For reasons that are not so difficult to understand actually, I usually put off buying my 4 Minim (Lulav, Etrog, etc) until I find myself scrambling to see who's got a set left, and how much it will cost.
Imagine my surprise then, when I opened my email this morning, and found a Groupon (OK, it's not Groupon - it's really a much smaller business called "Group-E" - it Hebrew it's גרופי, which makes more sense), email offering me "top of the line" sets of 4 minim for the whopping price of...59 shekel a set, a discount of 61 shekel off of the normal 120 shekel price. Group-E is Groupon for frum people. What a concept!
I can guess what you're thinking: That seems too low to be true. Actually, I was thinking that. But then again, 120 shekel is about right for a very good set here, and one of the distribution points happens to be right here in Yad Binyamin. Maybe it's worth their while to guarantee the sale. Then again, who knows? Also, in the end I was going to buy a "closed" set for myself without searching through crates and boxes shopping for 4 minim. I'm past the point of going into the shuk and bargaining for the "best" lulav that I can find, searching for minute differences between lulavim. I'm happy buying something good and kosher, and calling it a day.
So I bought three- for myself and my two sons. If the sets are good, which I'm confident they will be, I will have saved a ton of money. And if they're not so great, how much can I really expect for a whopping sum of 177 shekel?

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