Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Was It a Great Day Yesterday? That Depends on Your Point of View

My day in a nutshell: They wouldn't accept my passport picture at the US consulate in Jerusalem, I lost my car keys, and the grocery store we drove to closed two months ago. And they wouldn't sell me a book at Mosad Harav Kook.

Yes, all those things really did happen. But it was a great day nonetheless.

For the first time in ages, I noticed that my passport was going to expire in plenty of time to renew it before my next trip. I dutifully scheduled an appointment to renew it, and left Yad Binyamin with plenty of time to arrive at the consulate for my appointment. I invited Simcha to join me for the day so that we could spend some time together.
We arrived without a hitch. There's even parking at the consulate, and almost no wait during security. Yet, although I arrived with three different passport pictures, they wouldn't accept any of them. (Actually, they were very nice about it, and promised to readmit me if I ran to have my picture taken). Run, I did, to the mall in Talpiot; had my picture done (after the printer broke), and ran back - where I was promptly readmitted, and didn't even have to wait that long to submit my application.

From there we proceeded to Geulah to make Afikomen present purchases (among other things). We walked around much of the neighborhood, stopping at numerous stores, eating lunch, enjoying a nice afternoon. Yet, as we were about to reach the car, I felt my pockets and realized that I couldn't feel my car keys - because they weren't there. You know that feeling that you get when you realize just how many places you've been to, and the miniscule chance that you'll be able to retrace your steps and find those keys. I was already wondering how I'd be able to get the spare keys from home when Simcha suggested, "Maybe you left them in the ignition?" Maybe. I didn't think that I had - but who leaves their keys in the ignition on purpose? Arriving at the car, I discovered the keys were indeed right where I had left them: in the ignition. How to open the locked car? Easy. Don't tell this to potential thieves, but one of the back seat doors simply doesn't lock. I've been meaning to take car of that for a while now, but small inconveniences like those can be blessings in disguise. Like when you lock your keys in the ignition.

From there we proceeded to Mosad Harav Kook for their yearly Seforim Blow Out Sale! We went there because Rena asked me to purchase a volume of the Torat Hachayim chumash of hers that's missing pages. No problem. Except the guy at the checkout told me that they don't sell individual volumes during the big sale - only sets. "Come any other day, and I'll take care of it no problem! Just not during these two weeks." But I didn't come away empty-handed: standing at the checkout, I noticed that they have just put out three volumes of the writings and teachings of Rav Shaul Yisraeli - which I snapped up. So, not a total waste.

The grocery store Waze directed us to in Mevaseret really doesn't exist anymore (at least temporarily. The roof caved in during the major storm last December). Not much of a big deal. In the end, we just went to a different grocery store in Beit Shemesh.

Yes, there were inconveniences along the way. We took a few wrong turns - actually more than a few - and returned home much later than anticipated. But it was still a great day, for a few reasons:
1. Great time spent with Simcha
2. I actually accomplished most of my goals for the day
3. I was able to look at the bright side of things, and maintain my patience and some good cheer when things didn't go my way - something I can't say that I would have always done in the past.

A very good day indeed.

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