Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Matrix - 10 Years Later

I saw this comic which informed me that the Matrix came out in theaters 10 years ago this month. I smudged out some adult language in the comic, from this site. In any case, April 2nd marked the tenth anniversary of the release of the Matrix, which I consider a very important science fiction film - mostly because it contains what I consider to be a great deal of truth.
No, I don't think that the world is run by a robots and that we're actually batteries powering their world. And, a friend in YB invited me to an anniversary BlueRay viewing of the film - and it has fallen considerably in my estimation of late. But it still raises important questions about the nature of reality - and especially the crucial scene where Morpheus explains the Matrix to Neo.
Judaism has a lot to say about the underlying assumptions that drive much of the plot in the Matrix. I daresay that much of it - a great deal of it - coincides with ideas in Jewish thought. I have often thought that there's enough material in the original Matrix for me to write a book. ("The Matrix of Jewish Thought?") Maybe I still should try. I just found other books that do exactly that with regard to philosophy.
But then again, I probably won't do anything other than write a blog post and watch the movie again. Too many other things to do.