Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slavery, and Not the Egyptian Kind

I'm writing this post in response to a friend of mine here in Yad Binyamin. He's decided that he wants to buy himself a slave. From Darfur. He figures that he will undoubtedly be improving the quality (and probably length) of his slave's life. He can't just bring some random guy over from Darfur, because no government would ever allow random Darfurian immigrants like that. So the only solution is to buy the man as his personal slave.
Despite my protests - and trust me, I protest - he claims that my arguments about the immorality of slavery are at best self-serving. Who cares about the morals and ethics of owning another human being when a person's life is at stake? For all my objections (he's somewhat persistent), he argues that in the end, whose plan works in the best interest of the poor man from Darfur: his, which brings him to a life of servitude but good treatment in Israel, or mine, which leaves him at the mercy of the new Dictator (er, President - hailed by the Arab League and under indictment by the International Criminal Court on war crimes charges) of Sudan?
He's been bugging me to post this "moral dilemma" for a while now - so here it is. If you can propose a convincing argument (comment) as to why he should not try and buy a Darfurian slave, where both parties benefit - I'd really appreciate it.