Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Pesach Links

I'm just archiving some past Pesach material from my website, so I'll have these links saved. Nothing really new here.

Pesach Audio

Hagadah 5769: Ha Lachma Anya
The first paragraph in Maggid rasises some fascinating questions. Who wrote it?
Why is it in Aramaic? Learn important tools to help make the seder meaningful.
Click here for the Audio File

Hagadah 5769: The Wandering Aramean
Who is the Arami of the Hagadah? Where does this text come from?
This text, taken from the Torah, speaks clearly to us especially today.
Click here for the Audio File

Written Pesach Pieces
In Every Generation: A Modern Day Blood Libel and the Hagadah

To Lean or Not to Lean? The Laws of Leaning During the Seder
PDF version
Read on the web

Rabbi Spolter's Pre-Pesach Guide from 5768