Friday, May 8, 2009

Terrorism and the Kosher Veggies

Reading the back page of one of the gilyonot that appear magically in shuls every Shabbat, a paragraph jumped out at written by Rav Aviner in the gilyon published by Machon Meir. You can read the complete text in Hebrew here (in Rav Aviner's second piece). Writing about the ethical behavior that the IDF displayed during the recent Gaza War, he writes:
I will take this opportunity to mention another story regarding a unit that entered a certain house [in Gaza], and from the cartons of fruit it was clear that they were "Shemittah Mehadrin." In the same house they found Kassam rockets. Obviously, the order was given to destroy the house and the adjaescent greenhouses. It became clear that the people who claim that buying produce from Arab sources indirectly supports attacks against Israel were mistaken: it supports them directly.