Friday, June 11, 2010

Can Tefillin Have Values?

The popular Beit El Tefillin company has been running this ad in a few of the Shabbat journals. (I got this one from Tzohar's Shabbat Sheets.)

Loosely translated it means: Tefillin, With Your Values: Torah, Zionism, Settlement (of the Land), Army, Faith.

I have a very simple question: Can Tefillin have values? How is serving in the army a value that you can imbue into Tefillin? Sure, I believe in each of these values, and feel that they're intrinsic to Judaism itself. But I still don't see what they have to do with the Tefillin that I wear.
To me, the best value that Tefillin can have is that they're kosher. After that, they should just be a good value. And if you've seen their prices, I'm not sure that Tefillin Beit El can make that particular claim.