Monday, June 14, 2010

A Great Email Tool, Made in Israel

Pretty much the entire world uses gmail. Or if you don't, at some point your probably will.
And while gmail offers an incredible array of options and capabilities, for some reason gmail does not offer the ability to create sophisticated email signatures, including html, links, colors, etc. I've been looking for a while for this type of capability, and came across a great little tool called WiseStamp.
In my old emails, my signature was:
For free divrei Torah, articles and audio, surf on over to!
Also, we've updated our US number. It's now 248-809-1048
But with Wisestamp, my emails now end with;
Rabbi Reuven Spolter
Cell: 054-220-4347
Home Phone in Israel: 077-501-1327
US Phone Number: 248-809-1048 For Torah articles and shiurim, visit my website, or my blog, Chopping Wood

It's more visually appealing, useful and informative. You can also add feeds and other information. (I'm thinking of trying to add my shiur feed from YU Torah. But it might be too much.)
Anyway, Google has a habit of buying companies that improve its products and then incorporating them into the googlesphere. What a great investment opportunity, I thought. But it's not a publicly traded company. No, Wisestamp was created by a small group of programmers from, you guessed it, Israel.
I always find it exciting to learn that a new exciting product or service emanated from the Holy Land. It's the side of Israel that the world never really sees (or just doesn't appreciate) - Israelis making great things to make the world a better place.