Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Haven't Posted in a While Because...

Well, things have been somewhat busy. Sure, there have been holidays, work, and all the usual stuff. But in a addition to all of that...we bought a house in Israel!

It's really exciting, but also very very detail oriented and time consuming. We haven't actually completed the mortgage process yet. You buy the house before you get your mortgage. (no, I don't really know why), and then we have do a "little bit" of work, as well as install a kitchen (the person who built the house did so as an investment, and gave us the choice of having him install the kitchen or doing it ourselves. We chose to do it ourselves.)
 Where's the house?
In Yad Binyamin, about a five minute walk from our current house. (For those who are planning a visit or have been here, it's on the other side of the shul. So, what was a three minute walk will now be a two minute walk.)

When are you moving?
Good question.  We're looking to move in the middle of July. Did I mention that there are a zillion things that need to get done? I did?

More to come...