Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet Herman Cain

On this week's Fox News Sunday, Herman Cain, who just announced that he's running for the Republican primary for President, was asked by host Chris Wallace on whether he would offer the Palestinians anything in negotiations for peace, Cain bluntly answered: "Nothing."
"I’m not convinced the Palestinians are really interested in peace. If the Palestinians come to the table with Israel, with a genuine offer, that the two of them can sit down and negotiate, the United States would in fact try to facilitate that discussion," said Cain.
"But if we look at history, it has been clear that the Palestinians have always wanted to push the Israelis and push Israel for more and more and more."
(Note to Cain - check the facts on the Right of Return. Oops.)
Will Cain win? Who knows? (You really can't tell anything about American politics anymore.) But his rhetoric certainly helps the discussion.
I'm not a Barack Obama hater. I really do think that he wants to do what's best for Israel, and help Israel achieve a peace agreement. He's really been on the forefront of sanctions against Iran, funding Israeli defense - very strong indeed. But trying to push Israel into a corner only emboldens the Palestinians to expect ever greater concessions - which they won't get, and only further delays the possibility of peace. Tell them that they get nothing, and then maybe they'll be willing to make the concessions necessary to get a deal done.