Thursday, May 26, 2011

The New York Times Once Again Misleads about Israel

Ha'aretz isn't the most conservative paper in Israel, and I say that with tongue planted firmly in cheek. So when Ha'aretz ran a headline that says, "Haaretz poll: Netanyahu's popularity soaring following Washington trip", one gets a sense that Israelis found his trip successful and productive.
Thankfully,  though, the New York Times saved the day with a negative pronouncement, writing, "Israelis See Netanyahu Trip as Diplomatic Failure." Really? I'm pretty sure that the most left-wing paper in the country said the opposite. But there's the rub: which Israelis? All Israelis, as the headline seems to imply, or some Israelis - most notably Netanyahu's political adversaries.
Does the New York Times think that liberal columnists are going to like what Bibi does? That's like deciding that Americans approve of Barack Obama based on a Thomas Friedman article in the Times. Sometimes the media is so locked in its own world that it can't see beyond the front door of the paper's building.
I thought that Bibi did a great job in the U.S. He's got an almost impossible task trying to balance different, almost unthinkable pressures. Apparently, so did most Israelis.
From what I see here, what they print in the Times about what goes on is Israel does resemble reality, but only from a very specific point of view.