Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Smart Daughter. Less Smart Dad.

My daughter's cellphone died.
It just wouldn't charge, and it was time to buy her a new phone. Smart dad decided that to save some money, he would buy the phone direct from China. I've bought other minor doodads from China (on, and they usually arrive in one piece, so why not save some money. After all, they make these things in China anyway, right? And, if I didn't work out, I'm only down sixteen bucks (and 34 cents). And free shipping!
After about of month of waiting (yes, they really do ship using a slow boat from China), the package finally arrived. Only one problem: when I turn the thing on, everything is in Chinese. I fiddle with the buttons for a while, but can't seem to figure it out. And, what's worse, every so often a button I press locks the phone, and I can't decipher the Chinese to unlock it.
Smart daughter takes over. She opens Google Translate, and starts entering English terms, like "Unlock". We quickly match the right button with the symbols, and we're in. Next we search for language, and finally find how to switch to English. Very smart daughter.
Only one problem. We download her messages, which are all in Hebrew. The phone doesn't have Hebrew. Only English and Chinese. Not so smart dad.
I guess we've now got an extra English-Chinese cell phone lying around. Oh well.

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