Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kindle in Israel Update 3

When can two people read one book at the same time, without driving each other crazy? When they're reading a Kindle - or two, to be precise.
Is Amazon reading my blog posts? (See here and here.) I don't know, but things have sharply improved. Last I posted, there were a bunch of books that we received as gifts that we couldn't download here in Israel - many of them books that the kids really wanted. Well, after we announced that people could buy the kids English langauge books on the Kindle, my in-laws, in their great wisdom realized that one device would be a source of endless fighting, arguing and strife. How right they were. So for Chanukah, they ordered a second Kindle for the kids. (The second one came with a built-in nightlight, so now I can rest assured that our children will never go to sleep, even when they got to bed. Remember the flashlight in bed? That's so last century. Now the book is the flashlight.)
When Rena charged the Kindle and loaded on our books, on a lark she decided to try ordering the much-desired Rick Riorden book, the Lost Hero. Or a Redwall book. Or Percy Jackson. Truthfully, it's all a blur to me. Only this time, they all worked! Hooray.
So now our kids are plowing through these books at a frightening rate, which is great. I've just finished John Grisham's latest, The Confession (a good read, but a bit too preachy for me), and the Kindle has even stopped crashing as much as before.
Which makes me again ready to recommend the Kindle to English speakers in Israel looking for ways to keep their kids reading English books.

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  1. I really want to buy a Kindle but I do most of my reading on Shabbat. I was thinking that maybe I could devote Shabbat to Torah and read a book on the Kindle during the rest of the week, but who has the time... at least not enough to justify the expense. What are your thoughts on the matter?


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