Friday, January 21, 2011

Saying it Like It Is: An Obvious Solution to the Tuition Crisis

Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Alan Haber of MMY. In response to this article in the NY Jewish Week about the crazy cost of Yeshiva tuitions, Rabbi Haber posted:
Interesting article; real dillema.
I would like to remind American Orthodox Jews that there is also another option! There is a country over here in the Middle East where day school tuition is funded almost entirely by the government. And alt×™ough salaries are lower here, other expenses (like health care) are also much lower than they are in the States. I am well aware (from personal experience!) that the decision to make Aliya is not an easy one, and that there are many factors that can legitimately affect the decision. Still, it is worth pointing out that there was a time very recently when the single most important reason NOT to make Aliya was the fear of not being able to manage financially. Today, however, for Orthodox families in America struggling with tuition and other expenses, the reverse is often true: you will be much better off financially here than you are there.
So at least give it some thought! Make a phone call to Nefesh b'Nefesh and at least consider your options!
We're waiting for you over here....
Rabbi Alan Haber
Alon Shvut
I was thinking of writing the same thing, but he got there first. And Americans are by now clearly sick of hearing the same aliyah mantra over and over. But at some point, maybe the message really will sink in. Perhaps that's the direction NBN should go in as it considers its marketing of aliyah. Instead of "Living the Dream" (they've already picked off all the dreamers), they should start targeting the Orthodox Jews living in Teaneck by explaining that if they're going to stress over the expenses of Jewish life, they might as well do it from the Jewish State.