Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Oldie But...

One Shabbat morning, the venerable old Rav climbed up the bimah to deliver his weekly drashah. Yet, instead of starting the speech, the rabbi just stood there.
Five minutes passed. Then ten.
Finally, the gabbai went up the rabbi to find out what was happening.
"Rebbe," he said. "Why aren't you speaking? Is everything all right?"
"I can't speak," the poor rabbi whispered to his trusted gabbai. "I forgot my teeth at home, and I can't speak without them. Can you please run home and fetch them for me?"
"Of course," the gabbai told him. He ran to the rabbi's house, found the dentures, rushed back to the shul, and the rabbi began to speak.
And speak. And speak and speak. In fact, he wouldn't stop. Twenty minutes, then thirty, then forty five. Finally, the gabbai again approached the rabbi.
"Rebbe, what's going on? Before you couldn't speak, and now you won't stop!"
"I can't. You brought me the wrong teeth. Instead of bringing me my dentures, you brought my wife's."

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