Sunday, December 11, 2011

Will I At Least Get Credit for the Idea? Or Maybe an Invite? Please Mr. Prime Minster: Can I Come to Your Shiur? Or Give One?

Back in October, I posted about how, after reading about Menachem Begin's Tanach Shiur in Yehuda Avner's book, The Prime Ministers, I sent a note to Prime Minster Netanyahu suggesting that he follow suit and reestablish the custom.
I got a short note from his PR people that said,
Honorable Rabbi Spolter, first of all, we thank his honor for his communication to the Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu. Secondly, of course, for his important idea to reestablish the custom of Mr. Menachem Begin z"l with relation to the Tanach.Honorable Rabbi Spolter, it is true as you note in your communication, that the Prime Minister is occupied by an exceedingly busy schedule, a matter that prevents him from participating in activities that do not directly relate to the many subject that he must deal with.
Truthfully, it was a brush-off letter. "Thanks for the idea. See ya." I figured that I made a suggestion, and it would have been a nice idea, but let things go.
But then, in this morning's Jerusalem Post, I read a headline that said, "Netanyahu re-establishes PM Bible class."

Taking a page out of David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin’s playbook, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will begin hosting a regular Bible study group in his official residence for researchers, public officials and invited guests.Netanyahu announced the establishment of the study circle on Friday at a ceremony marking 30 days since the passing of his father-in-law, Shmuel Ben-Artzi. The study group will be named after Ben-Artzi, a noted poet and Bible teacher.
What? I mean...great! I mean...What? Didn't the Prime Minster's Right Hand Man tell me that he was too busy for these kinds of things? Isn't it just a little too convenient for me to suggest that he restart the shiur, and then a couple months later, after brushing me off, does exactly that? 
I smell scandal.
Mr. Prime Minister, no need for yet another government scandal. I'll forget the whole thing. But any chance I can get an invite to the shiur?


  1. Obviously, the only sollution is to write a letter demanding an invite :)

  2. I would agree. Somehow, I would assume your letter got the PM thinking and as such, it is only fitting to at least inquire about an invite. Oh, and don't feel rebuffed. Losing family can often cause someone to reprioritize.


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