Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Crazy Story - With a Shocking Ending

I'll admit that I didn't see this story in the Israeli Press about the Israeli woman who accidentally threw out a mattress in which she had hidden a million dollars. If you haven't seen the story, read it. It's a crazy story, and it raises so many questions: where did she get a million dollars? Why did she hide the money in her mattress? (It's so cliche!) Even crazier - and more uplifting is the ending where the article reports,
Even so, she said it could be worse. ''People have to take everything in proportion, and thank God for the good and the bad,'' she said.
But that's not exactly what she said. To Israeli reporters she said,
הלב בוכה, אבל יכול היה לקרות משהו יותר גרוע יכולנו להידרס בתאונת דרכים או לחלות במחלה ממארת. אני גם לא דודו טופז, למשל. הוא היה מתחלף איתי בכיף
"My heart cries, but much worse things could have happened. We could have gotten killed in an auto accident, or gotten sick from some terrible illness. I'm also not Dudu Topaz, for example. He would switch with me in a heartbeat."
I'm not sure which is better - the English or Hebrew version. Either way, how many of us would have that attitude?

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